Holly is one of our 2020 model reps and an officer on the Highlandette drill team.

    What Do you Want To Be

    I am considering being a criminal defense lawyer

    Best Life Lesson

    enjoy the moment you are in and don't take anything for granted

    Perfect Day

    I would love to explore Paris with my friends

    Good Deed

    My favorite thing to so is go to homeless shelters and help serve food there

    Best Advice Ever Given To You

    Use your common sense"

    Pet Peeve

    it bothers me when people deal playing cards in the wrong direction

    Something You Would NEVER Do

    I would never go bungee jumping.

    Dream Travel Destination

    I want more than anything to travel to Rome

    Favorite Store

    I love Target, Altered state, and Urban outfitters

    Something You Cannot Live Without

    I couldn’t live without my comfortable bed

    Solve 1 World Problem

    If I could I would solve world hunger